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Save the Lukács archive

Publié le par Jean-Pierre Morbois

Nous recevons le message suivant :

Dear subscribers,

The creation of an international foundation to save the Georg Lukács archive was achieved in the months following our appeal.


The Lukács Archívum Nemzetközi Alapítvány–Lukács Archive International Foundation–has Ágnes Heller and János Weis as founders, János Kelemen as Chair of the Board of Trustees, and a broad-based Board of Trustees. Anticipating that formal Hungarian legal approval of the Foundation–a prerequisite to collecting funds–would be soon achieved, the Foundation announced its intention to create an international network of patrons and donors, chaired by Iván Szelényi.

Recent developments are reason for deep concern. The Foundation has not yet been given the formal approval necessary to solicit funds, though we are assured that final approval is imminent. But the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, who have full legal responsibility for the archive, has up to now not shown any sign of willingness to co-operate with the Foundation. They are threatening to begin the physical dispersion of the archive.

We therefore suggest that all subscribers directly approach the responsible person, i.e. the President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Dr. László Lovász by email at: elnokseg@titkarsag.mta.hu or lovasz@cs.elte.hu.

Once the archive is dispersed, it is hardly possible it could ever be put back together. We need to express our concerns in a personal manner, as well as demand concretely that the Lukács Archive be preserved while the effort is made to fund its continued existence at its historic location in Budapest.

Voici pour notre part le mail que le webmestre de ce blog a envoyé :

Please don’t remove the Lukacs archive

Mr President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Dr. László Lovász.

As you know, an international foundation (Lukács Archívum Nemzetközi Alapítvány) is being created to take in charge the Georg Lukács archive and preserve its existence in its historical location.
I beg you to wait the formal Hungarian legal approval of the Foundation, and to enter into negociations with it, before removing the archive.
Thank you.

Et nous avons reçu la réponse suivante :

we received your letter inquiring about the plans regarding the future of the esteemed Lukács Archives. I am pleased to inform you that the purpose of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) is to manage and maintain the manuscripts, documents and books in a way that would enhance the accessibility of the materials.

Mr President met with representatives of various organizations and individual scientists numerous times, including the founders of the future Lukács Archive International Foundation. In the past years Mr President expressed many times his willingness to cooperate with all parties involved in the preservation of the Archives.

Best regards

Katalin Szabo
The President’s Office
Hungarian Academy of Sciences
9 Szechenyi Istvan Square, Budapest Hungary, H-1051
Phone: +36 1 332 7176
Web: http://www.mta.hu/
E-mail: szabo.katalin@titkarsag.mta.hu
E-mail: elnokseg@titkarsag.mta.hu

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